Our Eco Packaging Anniversary!

Getting back I to blogging more often I was recategorising some of our previous posts to make them easier to find and stumbled across that nearly t...

Dribble Bibs + Tag Blanket Revamp

You might be looking for one of our lovely dribble bibs or tag blankets and be surprised why you have been brought here instead.

Keeping it brief we are going to take all the 350+ fabrics we had for dribble bibs and tag blankets which is too many to make a meaningful brand. So we are taking a week or two to get them all ready for autumn and of course well in time for christmas.

Get in touch if you are desperate to look for a specific one in the interim. support@la-romi.com.

Wear La Romi With Pride

Planting seeds... Last year we gifted some rainbow dribble bibs to help people celebrating pride with kids. 1 year later and some are still wearing...

Why We Aren't Trying To Boil The Ocean

Hey Matt here,  Wanted to do today post to touch on some of the points that often get missed in the niche of setting up a business in a space you ...

Inclusivity At Our ♥️ @shop.laromi

We are always trying to embrace a culture of ♥️inclusivity♥️ @shop.laromi from already helping over 500 people with a year's worth of life saving medication from neglected tropical diseases that affect over half a billion people 🌍wide.

Getting Your La Romi Products In Time For Christmas

These are the final dates to get your products in time for christmas!

Recycled Packaging On Steroids

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These Green mailing bags are not only made from 100% recycled material but they are also biodegradable, making them very Green mailing bags indeed! The bags have a peal 'n seal strip and are printed with a 'Sender' label and a safety warning notice on the lip, with the words 'MADE FROM 100% RECYCLED MATERIAL WITH BIODEGRADABLE ADDITIVE' in small black letters along the bottom of the front of the bag.

Everyone is Beautiful | It's Our Responsibility To Show It

Using our position to highlight and showcase causes, stories and journeys has been really eye opening as both me and Romi look to become parents in the future ourselves to demystify the biggest thing we can't ever fully control, Our little ones life.

6 Weekly Interest-Free Payments Now Available

Your little one is only little for so long so you want to make sure you get them things that are not only good for their development and kind to their skin but also last with high quality materials and manufacturing.

NEW: Tag Travel Blankets

We wanted something more multifunctional than just a toy or blanket for when you are on the go or just at home.

Our most popular products are the Dribble bibs for the functions of not only soft minky dimple fabric backing to absorb dribble during the teething stage but also the soft 100% cotton front in a funky pattern so no one has to know.

La Romi Reward Program Explained

We wanted to give back to the people that support us the most. The more you support the more you get essentially. This is from free shipping to discounts and even referral links to help share what you love with friends and family.

Why We Decided To Pay More Than Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is a funny double edged sword, me as a consumer it generally lower prices which is great because we all love getting more than we paid...

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