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Article: Everyone is Beautiful | It's Our Responsibility To Show It

Everyone is Beautiful | It's Our Responsibility To Show It | La Romi | Baby Fashion
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Everyone is Beautiful | It's Our Responsibility To Show It

La Romi is essentially a fashion brand because we make clothing and so naturally how we design things is also about the aesthetics.

We are a small business in London and growing soon big enough to move outside of our spare room, this allows us to be more nimble in reacting to everyone we interact with, from customers to instagram followers.

It was very important for us to go straight with a cause and donate to give back because if we don't do it from the start then it just becomes a tactic or strategy later on for marketing. We have already raised enough for over 250 years worth of vitamins and medication for individuals with neglected tropical diseases.

This gets us to the point of everyone being beautiful


We get to work with the parents and guardians of little ones and believe everyone is beautiful because they are new to this world. Unburdened from not knowing unlike us in the adult world.

This is why it's important for us also to showcase as many different types of people in different situations because they all have the same things in common, they are little ones :)

Using our position to highlight and showcase causes, stories and journeys has been really eye opening as both me and Romi look to become parents in the future ourselves to demystify the biggest thing we can't ever fully control, Our little ones life.

We have been really humbled by parents sharing their journey. From our 20's to our 30's we naturally were in a more self centred place of getting a good job and building a base for ourselves and looking after our small circle of family and friends.

Now we have built and continue to build on top of our platform we are looking up and trying to stake a claim for responsibility for not just us but the world.

A great quote I heard the other day was "the world needs more leaders and trees" We intend to hit both by having recycled biodegradable packaging and leading a charge to helping more parents and little ones get the best start we all deserve and want.

Please reach out to us with any ideas or collaborations to or on Instagram @Shop.laromi

Together we really are stronger.

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