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Article: Recycled Packaging On Steroids

Recycled Packaging On Steroids | La Romi | Baby Fashion
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Recycled Packaging On Steroids

Green Biodegradable 100% Recycled Mailing Bags

These Green mailing bags are not only made from 100% recycled material but they are also biodegradable, making them very Green mailing bags indeed! The bags have a peal 'n seal strip and are printed with a 'Sender' label and a safety warning notice on the lip, with the words 'MADE FROM 100% RECYCLED MATERIAL WITH BIODEGRADABLE ADDITIVE' in small black letters along the bottom of the front of the bag.

It was very important to take responsible packaging seriously straight from the start of La Romi.

We originally had a policy of no plastic at all, this meant lots of cardboard boxes even instead of large letters but the amount of paper required to make a box is actually quite a lot, plus if it's raining you don't want all your products to be damaged.

After just a little research it was actually really easy to find polymer bags that were not only 100% recycled but had an additive in them to break down faster. This means we can only hold onto them for under a year before they start to decompose.

Just another way of making the world more sustainable and because the weight and price of the bags is so cheap we cna pass on those saving to you in the shipping costs, win win!

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Great work La Romi, as a customer it’s great to know that this packaging is environmentally friendly, hopefully more businesses will do their research and use similar products too where possible!

Julie-Anne Logan

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