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We have put a collection of blog posts together to help SMB businesses around the world better understand key parts of ordering from the UK with us and what to expect and prepare for.

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Breastfeeding Crisis Guide

Breastfeeding Crisis Guide

BREASTFEEDING CRISIS GUIDE After your baby is born, we all take different approaches to feeding. Some might want to breastfeed for a long time, whi...

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BIBS Dummies Sizing Guide | La Romi | Baby Fashion
BIBS Dummies Help

BIBS Dummies Sizing Guide

One of the most common questions we get about sizing is the end of the teat looks a lot smaller than the current pacifier the child uses. This is d...

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Wear La Romi With Pride | La Romi | Baby Fashion
Shop Updates

Wear La Romi With Pride

Planting seeds... Last year we gifted some rainbow dribble bibs to help people celebrating pride with kids. 1 year later and some are still wearing...

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How To Wash A Baby Turban | La Romi | Baby Fashion
La Romi Product Care

How To Wash A Baby Turban

Hello there! Since we launched the Turbans we wanted to make a blog post on how to care for them and make sure you keep them in good condition. Its...

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