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About Us Here At La Romi

This might not be for you but..

I bet if you're a bit like me you are getting bored of the bland vanilla high street brands trying to sell either extremely expensive big ticket items or cheaply finished stuff to get you in the door. I don't blame them with the massive rents they have to pay!

Don't worry, most people are venturing out onto the world wide web to find real people instead of massive faceless corporations.

There are only 3 people at La Romi making all your items, Me (Matt), Romi and our little Emma.

There are two types of people at this point, the ones that don't care where things are made and those that want to use their purchasing power to help change the world even just a little with every purchase.

Before you make your mind up..

You could of course decide you have no real power to change anything and head back to Google just driven by price for a generic design that you won't need to treasure for long.

Or decide you want to look around and take a step forward not only supporting another small business but: 

Choose a company that for every purchase donate 6% of profits to fighting neglected tropical diseases that affect over 1.5 Billion adults and children around the world.

Choose a company with packaging that will be plastic free or plastic mail bags with a biodegradable additive that decompose the bag from 1 year instead of 1,000s.

Choose a company not exploiting 3rd world wages for massive mark up by choosing oneone based in London and paying above minimum wage.

Choose a company that isn't about making it fast and cheap but taking the right amount of time and effort to deliver truly handmade items made just for you.

Choose a company that supports inclusivity with models of all colours, shapes and disabilities because companies should be taking a more proactive role in showcasing the real world of beautiful people and stories.

Take your experience to the next level..

With over 350 patterns and lots of options most people rightly get overwhelmed. Instead of making a bigger menu or a Chatbot to only give you the right answer 20% of the time just jump on WhatsApp and message Matt on +447999818928. 

You can of course also click to direct message us on Instagram or email us at

We look forward to the questions you have :)