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BIBS Dummies Made For Breastfed Babies

No one knows your little one better than you. That's why BIBS are designed with a cherry teat and made from 100% natural and organic materials of the highest quality. Even though it might seem like it's just a baby pacifier, they're also a great companion that helps them settle down and feel safe. 

Decades Of Research In Reduction Of SIDS

Pacifiers have been around for a long time. They were used by doctors to calm babies in the early 1900s. In the 1940s, they became a popular baby shower gift and were marketed as a way to soothe a child from crying.

They are still seen today in hospitals and paediatricians' offices. The study's authors studied 1,316 children and found a 54% reduction in SIDS cases among those who used a pacifier. They found that breastfeeding was not as protective as the use of a pacifier.

More Colours For Any Occasion

Finding a matching BIBS dummy has never been easier with our huge range of colours from red, white, pink to orange. We have a dummy to match your baby's personality as they grow up. Let La Romi take the hassle out of matching with our cool colours and big selection.


****All dummies come in some sort packaging, some with biodegradable bag and some individually packaged (newest batches). We receive them in bag of batches of 50 from the manufacturer in Denmark/UK, so these are put in a plastic biodegradable bag and sealed. All dummies are expected to be cleaned and sterilised upon receiving and before handing them to any child. 

These are products to be use under adult supervision. 

Dummies are to be replaced every 6-8 weeks, inspected daily by pulling the teat and if any defect or tears are found, disposed of. 

Some teats will show a darker colour, this is due to the rubber material being natural and having different shades each batch when manufactured.

Pacifiers | BIBS Size 1 | Mocha | La Romi
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