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Plug And Play (Literally)

We made MyChupi to cater for new parents that are looking for something inexpensive and beautiful. These are thinner teats than the BIBS dummies we sell so perfect for newborns and up to 2 months.

Simple sterilisation and cleaning!

Sterilise however you like. Unlike BIBS dummies these don't have an enclosure that can capture water from sterilisers if positioned incorrectly. The last thing you want is a faff when you have a little one. So these are very much plug and play.

Tested and safe.

Food grade silicone so can survive temperatures of 220C and super easy to clean. Being made out of a single mould there are no chances of parts breaking off and posing danger to your child. We do always recommend children are supervised using any product.

MyChupi | Baby Pacifier 0-3m BIBS Dummies MyChupi
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