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Toddler Catch All Cape is a must-have for any baby or toddler. It's perfect for weaning, painting, outdoor activities and all those messy moments in between. This catch all cape has a waterproof, bib and even has a handy pocket. You don't have to worry about anything getting spilled or dropped anymore!

Catch all cape is a waterproof bib that's perfect for any messy eater. It has mess-free sleeves and a pocket where food falls. It's positioned on the best place so you can catch anything you drop!

We have designed it in this lightweight fabric, which makes it instantly re-usable. What's easier than rinsing and wiping clean.

Cover All Bibs | Catch All Cape Bibs | Retro Stripes | La Romi
Catch All Cape Bibs | Retro Stripes Precio de oferta£ 8.00 GBP