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Artículo: Why We Aren't Trying To Boil The Ocean

Why We Aren't Trying To Boil The Ocean | La Romi | Baby Fashion
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Why We Aren't Trying To Boil The Ocean

La Romi Growth

Hey Matt here, 

Wanted to do today post to touch on some of the points that often get missed in the niche of setting up a business in a space you know nothing about (originally) and take proactive steps to keep on top of making an impact without the impossible boiling of the ocean.

The metaphor is to help you focus on pools where you can make a bigger impact and then eventually start linking the pools together.

Let's also address the fact that no one but the most generic inoffensive less than even vanilla flavours should be aiming for the ocean.

That's why toothpaste companies specialising in just the area of a product everyone at the least should be using in some form has tens of variations.

The world is coming to us

There is plenty of negatives we need to deal with but the fact we connected several billion people together on the same space of the internet to give everyone more opportunity is I think the single greatest act of human kindness.

Now platforms to be able to make money they need to keep you engaged. This means that on this place with billions of creators and products and styles, the platforms are coming to you for the first time.

With more power comes more responsibility. This comes now in the form of being exposed to the world you better be trying to be the best human you can be or you will be found out and turned on. 

This just leaves intent

At La Romi and even Medicus Caps our other company we are looking more and more to be able to reach and create content that people that shop here want. This leads us down a deliberate path as we started La Romi while trying to have our first one. 

This is to build up something that is ours that we can not just make money with but freedom to move and meet new people and places and in the pursuit of making content even like this. We stretch our muscles and get hooked on making more and more.

What are you going to make?

Whether it's physical or intangible I encourage the rest of the world to be more deliberately creative as the world comes to you and so you come to the rest of the world.

A single mum just cooking a frozen meal and explaining why it's easier to make batches and freeze fresh food on a budget 10 years ago would be seen as desperate to a world that was more bothered with skin deep now can change another single dad's life so he has more time to take his kids to the park... And so the world changes with all of our actions.

What are you going to make?

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