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Artículo: 12 Hacks for Better Baby Photos

12 Hacks for Better Baby Photos | La Romi | Baby Fashion
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12 Hacks for Better Baby Photos

Once upon a time... I studied Photography and did weddings and family photoshoots for living!! I know Right? you probably had no idea of this.

Thanks to it, I have lots of experience dealing with Children and thought it would be good to share my knowledge. As most of my friends and family that have children, struggle to take good snaps of them.

So here goes a few tips on how to take better snaps of the little ones.



Don't you find that when someone starts taking pictures, all the images come out unnatural and posed?

In order to avoid that, we must take the camera out, be PERSISTENT and PATIENT. Get them used to it and once they relax its when you will get the best pictures. All those candid moments we all love.


#2 - GET DOWN -

Yes,... i'm sure you are tired from cleaning, cooking, running around after them ... but you need to get down to their level.

By taking most of your pictures at their eye level, it will improve your photos MASSIVELY! You can even lay down on the floor, BE CREATIVE!



Yes, I say ALL DAY but that's not what I mean! Make sure to take your camera out not only on he "special moments", but all throughout a birthday or day out. That way, you make sure to capture candid pictures of the little one! True personality not posed pictures (You can tell I'm not a big fan of them)



This is something that can't always be done, but...... when possible, you should try and make sure your child’s face is the brightest thing in your photo.

This can be as simple as moving yourself until your angle puts a dark wall behind the child, rather than the bright sky.



Eyes are what attract the viewers attention. Make sure to keep the focus on them as much as you can! 

If the child is not directly facing you, then the focus should be around their eye area of the face. This will make a big difference in your images! 

If you really want to make your child’s eyes stand out, try and get a ‘catch light’ in them. This can be achieved by ensuring there’s some light falling on your child’s face, and can really help the eyes come alive.



I don't mean literally, please don't start ordering ninja costumes in amazon Prime! NOT yet at least! :) 

To take some AWESOME candid pictures, make sure no one is watching. When the little one is distracted.. BAM... take some pictures. If you want to be discreet, put the camera away from your eyes and in front of you .. Like if you were checking some settings out. This might just do the trick! 



In order to maximise the chances of getting that AWESOME shot, shoot in continuous mode. I know this might seem like too many pictures, but the advantages of digital is FREE IMAGES. So don't be afraid to keep your finger in the trigger. :) 

Just make sure to delete the ones that didn't turn out good. :) 


#8 - LIGHT IS KEY - 

Use natural light as much as you can! Make sure to get the child to an area where theres a window, or outdoor! 

If you see a small patch of light in a dark area, make sure to put to good use; this is the best way to highlight the little one. 

Another difficult one is harsh light, particularly midday sun or sunlight that is very strong and directly overhead. You should still take the photos of the children frolicking in the sun if it’s happening, but for the best photos, tell them to go and run around under the shade of a tree. The light on their faces will be softer and result in much more pleasing images.



The most important piece of advice in this matter is to put your little one off-centre of the picture. 

If you want to get more specific about one of the more popular rules of composition, read the basics of the rule of thirds. By simply placing your child’s face on one of the imaginary lines that divide your frame into 3, you can immediately create a more compelling image.



Not every part of the day is the best time to take pictures of your child. I'm SURE you KNOW this for sure. :) Every kid is different, and you need to make sure to start shooting on the happiest time of the day for your little one. Some are early risers, maybe after bath time or after a snack? 

If you let them play with their toys and get distracted, then you will get candid pictures of them that will be FANTASTIC :) 



Asking questions and getting them to answer back, PATIENCE... if they take time to talk... that is ok as well. Make sure to start shooting while they are thinking about the answer (as well..) as you might get very cool snaps. 



AVOID... cheese!!!... or smile!!!!. These will only get you a forced face and fake smile. Just get their natural expression and lovely features! :) 

If you really wanted a smile just make sure to get it out of them naturally. Make them laugh with a joke or talk to them about things they enjoy! how about dinosaurs or their pet... ! be creative! 



One of my fav perspectives is from ABOVE! You will create an interesting snap, specially if you have time to compose. Try it next time your child is asleep. Take extra care to get the shot completely perpendicular to where they are laying. If you’re lucky, your partner will be asleep there too, giving the photo an extra sense of scale… which brings me nicely on to the next tip.


#13 - SCALE  = BIG small -

Fun way to create awesome pictures. Making the child look very small compared to the other objects.


#14- CLOSE IS GOOD! - 

One of my favourite tips is DO NOT USE ZOOM ... unless absolutely necessary.  Instead ‘zoom’ with your feet, and get up nice and close to your child for a really engaging shot.



To make you images more interesting, you can shoot from behind. Them running or playing, even covering their faces with book for example. This creates a mystery and the viewer normally wants more, want to know the story behind. 



Don’t be afraid to crop out everything else and focus just on a single hand, the eyes, the feet, or whatever you find cute.

Including another object or element to highlight how small the body part is will also help tell the story.


#17 - LAST .....ACCESSORISE !- 

To create funny pictures make sure to dress your child in adult clothes and accessorise them before they’re old enough to complain that you’re embarrassing them. 

HOPE this article helps you a little to take better pictures of you little ones and get more striking snaps! can't wait for some results. 

12 hacks for better baby photos

12 tips for better baby photos

How to take better baby photos

If you need any advice just comment below! or message me :)


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