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Built With Weaning In Mind!

This is not just a beautiful silicone Weaning Bowl but one built for first time weaning baba's. The curved edge so when they push their spoon or baby fork into the bowl they naturally scoop up the food and makes weaning so much more fun!

Sensible Portions

Weaning at the start involves lots of mixes and less solid foods. We have tested these with out little Emma (then 7 months) and she even eats mashed Weetabix with much more ease than a normal plate.

Keep The Mess At Bay!

The worst thing about weaning, especially baby-led weaning is the flinging of food. Usually from plates where even when they try their best they can't scoop food without it going over the edges. Combined with our beautiful Mushie Silicone bibs we got you as covered as we can!

Just Wipe Clean

This food grade silicone is dishwasher safe but even with some hot water and a quick wipe you will be amazed about how fast they can look as good as new! Dried on cereal isn't even a challenge.

Bowls | My 1st Weaning Bowl + Spoon | Orchid | La Romi
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