Bathing Newborn Tips

Babies are born with a protective coating on their skin called vernix. This coating protects them from the amniotic fluid. The vernix is a white, greasy substance that resembles cheese. It is best to let your baby stay in vernix for as long as possible.

The baby’s skin is very sensitive and needs to be treated with care. You should also keep in mind that their immune system is not fully developed yet, so frequent bathing may cause them to get sick more often.

It is safe to bathe your newborn every 2-3 days. You should also not bathe your baby every day because it can dry out their skin and remove the natural oils that are protecting them from infection and bacteria. The best time to bath your newborn is after they have pooped or peed, or when you change their clothes for the first time after they have been born so that you can clean off any poop or pee on their bottom before you put a new diaper on them.

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