Inclusivity At Our ♥️ @shop.laromi

We are always trying to embrace a culture of ♥️inclusivity♥️ @shop.laromi from already helping over 500 people with a year's worth of life saving medication from neglected tropical diseases that affect over half a billion people 🌍wide.

It's the same with our customers. Many companies aim is to appeal to everyone but then not showcase it unless it's a special awareness month or part of a bigger campaign. We want to show all our customers taking beautiful photos and being so kind in sharing them with us and the world.

At the start we are all eager to figure out the world and our place in it and we hope to be a positive role model to represent all our little humans in all shapes and sizes!.

We are also keen for those that want another platform to share their story on to reach out to us and do guest blog posts so you can gain as much reach as possible with all of your endeavours.

We can't thank @ameliapoppywall for this picture and all the other families sharing their journeys with us on Instagram. Have a beautiful evening and know that you are loved, cheerished and deserving of everything good the world now has to offer x

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