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Article: Body Image at 32 weeks pregnant

Body Image at 32 weeks pregnant | La Romi | Baby Fashion

Body Image at 32 weeks pregnant

No one prepares you for what's to come when you get that positive line on the pregnancy test.
You only see the wonderful things people post about the magic side of being pregnant and all the good stuff.

It's not all bad

Don't get me wrong, I am so happy to be in this journey. But there are struggles that no one tells you about.

My body has been one of the most difficult ones for me. On 32 weeks now, and still 8 weeks to go and the most common comment I get is... "Is that twins?" Or "you must be due very soon".
Oohh I know it's not out of spite, but the person I was it doesn't seem the same person I am at this point in time.

I only started getting a bump around week 20, which I thought it was great. However all of the sudden I have this gigantic belly that looks like I'm ready to pop anytime.

I have refused to weight myself throughout the pregnancy to avoid the stigma of it, constant judgement by other and unnecessary comparisons.

It's a mental... Thing :)

This is just to make sure I keep my mental health! Hey, that's the minimum I can do right?.
I know comparisons are inevitable and unavoidable... But I'm trying my best to stay away. Looking past that and realising that we are all different.

Pregnancy body image

Each pregnant person will have different obstacles and each pregnancy will be unique.
The best way I have found to keep myself going, now that I am at the last few weeks, it's to make sure I treat myself every day.

What do I mean by this...? Not let myself go, put some makeup on, a nice dress or hairstyle. To bring my self-esteem up and empower myself to keep going.

It's the last sprint for me and Emma.

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