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Philley Formula Dispenser finally takes the stress out of preparing a baby bottle. It has an ergonomic, easy-grip design with a well-placed hole to fill bottles with fresh formula.

The dispenser also has 4.6g per click for accurate measurements and an anti-spill lip to prevent spills while pouring, which equals 1 level measuring spoon of milk powder.

The Philley Formula Dispenser is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and ready in seconds!

Benefits of Philley

  • Exact dosage  (the internal splitter provides level scoops)
  • Quickly done  (click, click, click, and your bottle is ready)
  • No mess  (simple system, practical to use)
  • Handy for at home and when traveling  (Philley fits at least half a pack of baby food)
* Pay attention!! special diet foods may not be suitable for use with Philley (including Nutramigen).