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Beautiful doll clothes that are made for the 34cm Minikane & Paola Reina best selling anatomically correct dolls. These also fit Miniland 32 & 38 cm dolls.   These are made perfectly to give them style, with sustainability and your little one in mind, all materials used meet European standards. 


The cutest doll maillots made with the best fabric from the French company Minikane. Choose from the 3 colours Children like to dress up their dolls, dolls help to inspire creative role-play sessions and a real sense of companionship. 


The detailing is fantastic, all of them are handmade and are very special. Your little one will have a great time playing dressing them up and accessorising them. 

We will be releasing some beautiful hair accessories handmade by us to match these clothes!


 ** Doll not included ** 

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