Beautiful ethically made wooden toys, perfect for your little one to play and push their imagination more!
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Rainbow Abacus - 3 Styles

The Little Dutch Rainbow Abacus in Pure + Nature is perfect for helping little ones master the skill of counting - a classic toy with a modern twist. The rainbow is...
£ 12.99
Brand: Little DutchNon Sale Items

Wooden Roller Rattle

This rattle is the perfect size for little hands, this Little Dutch roller rattle encourages grasping, shaking and enhances the auditory senses. The rattle can be rolled along the floor...
£ 6.50 £ 5.99
Brand: Little DutchNon Sale Items

Xylophone - Little dutch

Important: This is a toy NOT a musical instrument. This has no specific scale of notes and batches vary. The Little Dutch Rainbow xylophone in Blue is fun, stylish & sustainable. -...
£ 12.99
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Stacking Rocks

Our handcrafted natural, eco friendly & non toxic wooden toy which will be suitable for any age, from toddlers to adults. These are also perfect as decor for a nursery/office...
£ 24.95
Brand: Little DutchFIRE SALE

Wooden Shape Sorter

Beautiful Little Dutch wooden shape sorter with illustrations of zoo animals. The shapes can be put through the different openings in the cube. This shape sorter stimulates hand-eye coordination and...
£ 11.99 £ 8.95
Brand: PellianniMEGA SALE

Pellianni Baby Maracas (Set Of 2)

Small format baby maracas, from the Swedish brand Pellianni, have a soft sound when shaken. Made in a sustainable way and free of toxins.Size: Length 12 cm
£ 14.99
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Rainbow Stacker

The Little Dutch Rainbow Stacker in pure nature is the perfect open-ended, Montessori inspired, wooden toy for your little one. 8 arches that fit on top of each-other, use them to...
£ 19.99
Brand: JabadabadoMEGA SALE

Magic Ball

An activity toy for the youngest children that stimulates many different senses. On the wooden pins are wooden beads that you can spin and pull in They also hold together...
£ 24.99 £ 19.99
Brand: PellianniMEGA SALE

Baby Abacus - 2 Styles

About Wooden abacus pastel This mini abacus is made from FSC certified birch and beech wood. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe! It's purpose is to train the motor skills...
£ 9.99
Brand: Coach House WoodworksMEGA SALE

Wooden Rainbow - Fine Motor Board

Our fine motor rainbow is a wonderful resource to use with your child to develop their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are movements which use the small muscles in...
£ 13.95 £ 9.95
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Wooden Acorns

These wooden acorns are a wonderful tactile resource to use when helping your child learn about numbers. They can be used for a whole range of activities including counting, sharing or...
£ 4.50
Brand: Coach House WoodworksMEGA SALE

Wooden Number Counting Boards

Our wooden counting boards are the ideal resource for teaching your child about numbers and place value. Each number block has a traceable number with corresponding counting holes. They have...
£ 45.00 £ 39.95
Brand - AnimiFIRE SALE

My Ferry - Puzzle

“Greek Culture Deco Puzzle” Essential element of the Greek tradition and culture, ships are connected to the human desire for adventure, exploration and communication. The puzzle ship ferry of our...
£ 21.00 £ 14.99
Brand - AnimiFIRE SALE

My First Puzzle - Donkey

“Iconic Greek Animal  Puzzle” One of the most iconic and famous symbols of Greek tradition, the Greek donkey turns into a modern puzzle while maintaining the simplicity and liveliness that...
£ 10.50 £ 7.50
Brand - AnimiFIRE SALE

Lacing Clownfish

“Fine Mobility Toy” The lacing clownfish belongs to a series of wooden fine mobility toys. By playing with the lacing clownfish, children are encouraged to create patterns and combinations and...
£ 12.99 £ 8.95
Brand - AnimiFIRE SALE

Lacing Fish

“Fine Mobility Toy” The lacing fish belongs to a series of wooden fine mobility toys. By playing with the lacing fish, children are encouraged to create patterns and combinations and...
£ 12.99 £ 8.95
Brand - AnimiFIRE SALE

My First Puzzle - Octopus & Squid

“My First Puzzle Toy Set” Only 4 pieces are needed to make the octopus & squid set puzzle! Put the octopus head on the squid’s body and vice versa. The...
£ 16.00 £ 9.99
Bedtime / DecorBrand: Jabadabado

Animal Shelf

A sweet and practical wooden shelf with 10 fun and colorful animals. Play with the zebra, the monkey, the crocodile, the hippo, the elephant, the flamingo, the tiger, the lion, the rhino and...
£ 29.95 £ 24.95