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Juniper Bows

Juniper Bows

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Juniper - Floral Elastic
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Juniper Bows 

Bows they can pass down to their daughter.

Accessories shouldn't be made to last month's but years. Juniper bows with either a clip or nylon headband combined with timeless textures and patterns make it a must have.

Less is often more.

Your little one doesn't need loads of clothes, they rather you spend it on experiences making memories with them. Juniper bows are a simple way to change up their look without breaking the bank.

Behind The Name: Juniper means a small evergreen shrub and symbolises energy and enthusiasm. These bows are perfect for giving a little bit more life to your looks all year round and great for a gift that won't go out of style.

Very stylish handmade bows with 100% Organic GOTS Certified luxury cotton, with our signature prints. 

Our curated collection is full of neutral tones that fit any outfit and will go perfectly with your pictures. 

Elastic supersoft headband

Fits from newborn to adults, and won't lose shape. The size is ¼ inch width.

Metal Clip

Perfect for ponytails, fringes or just to give that cute touch to any outfit. All out clips are Nickel-Free, Lead-Free and Cadmium-Free.

Ponytail Elastics

Perfect for ponytails or plaids to give that cute look to any outfit. 

*All our products are to be used under adult supervision, please do not allow your little one to sleep with any hair accessories on.