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Knotted Baby Headband / Headwrap

Knotted Baby Headband / Headwrap

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Knotted - Blush S1
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These come in 13 different colours perfect for both life and the gram ;) 

- Super soft and gently textured
- Stretchy for a super comfortable fit
- 13 Colours specially chosen for a stylish neutral look.

These are a unique baby knotted headband made with a soft stretchy material which is a great mix of polyester and Spandex. These come pre-wrapped. 

Due to the Spandex quality of the fabric the sizes will stretch to fit most heads.

* Pleased always check the measurements provided in cm. Do not go with the size name (eg newborn, 6 months...etc) as each head grows at a different rate and it might be deceiving. 
* If in doubt please always contact us. we are happy to help

As with anything worn by your baby please do not leave little ones unsupervised while wearing these bows as they can be pulled and slip over the face by the little one. Please use responsibly and at your own risk.