Baby Turbans UK | Baby Donut Turban

by La Romi

£ 9.85

Baby Turbans made in London by us at La Romi. 

We use Super soft, stretchy, 100% Jersey Baby Turbans. These are not just comfortable but also an easy way to keep your little ones head warmer than being openly exposed to the sun and wind.

✅ - Super soft fabric 

✅ - Stretchy for comfortable fit, especially for growing babies :)

✅ - Headwraps are great for keeping the sun off 

These are a unique baby turban made with a soft stretchy material which is a great mix of polyester and Spandex. 

Due to the Spandex quality of the fabric the sizes will stretch to fit most heads within set ranges.

If you want to know more about washing your baby turbans than we wrote this blog post to help you.