UK Shipping

Tracked 24

The Royal Mail has had a tough year keeping up with demand and with local outbreaks in some delivery depots means mail hasn't been delivered for weeks at a time. The added pressure of Black Friday is always an extra challenge but now even more is done online. So we are making it compulsory to checkout with either Tracked 24 or Special delivery to get your items.

Why Tracked 24?

When depots are overwhelmed certain postage types are prioritised over others and Special Delivery followed by Tracked 24 are the top 2 forms of postage for Royal Mail.

Also for slower forms of postage there is a longer time you have to wait to claim. So even if items are delayed with Tracked 24 we will be able to get our money back faster and remake and send items.

Tracked 24 Prices

We are helping out by covering the cost up to 100% depending how much you order.

- £0-20 = £4.99
- £20.01 - 29.99 = £3.99
- £30-39.99 = £2.99
- £40-49.99 = 1.99
- £50+ = Free
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