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Articolo: Where to go If you only have 4 hours in London

Where to go If you only have 4 hours in London | La Romi | Baby Fashion
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Where to go If you only have 4 hours in London

Where to go with 4 hours in London

A friend who works on a cruise liner had only 4 hours to spend in London so we took them around the usual places like the palace and big ben. Though if you really want to impress them then two of the epic ways to see the city in a different view to most take them to Sky Gardens and a trip on the TFL River Clipper

The video above gives you a quick overview but let me give you the lowdown on how these 2 places work.

Sky Gardens

The history behind this is that it was originally designated as a public park. Planning permission to build what is referred to as the "Walkie Talkie" building was only approved if they build a public park at the top. 

Sky Gardens was born. This is free to visit but due to health and safety you still have to book a place so they can keep numbers to safe amounts in case of fire etc.. 

here is the link to book and reserve your place =

you will just need to register one person and then add the names of the other people joining you. WARNING: book in advance if you are coming for a weekend or public holiday as it will be very busy.

Your booking will give you a viewing time for 1 hour but that is generally enough. You will have to go through security too but it's very straight forward.

TFL River Services

This is like the tube just instead of trains its clipper boats that actually go pretty fast. The routes can take you as far as Greenwich right through the city centre on the Thames through to Chelsea.

You can use your contactless bank card and fares start around a base line of £6 for one trip. Depending on the time you go you will want to avoid rush hours when commuters finishing work also get on to get to the train stations to the south.


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