6 Weekly Interest-Free Payments Now Available

Your little one is only little for so long so you want to make sure you get them things that are not only good for their development and kind to their skin but also last with high quality materials and manufacturing.

The Problem

Unlike many other stores around the world that just outsource their processes to China or even cheaper countries with terrible working conditions we make all the products right here in the UK.

This means our running costs are generally a bit higher than these other companies, though not by much as they reap crazy profits buy also being able to buy in bulk. But for first time parents or even by the time you are onto your 3rd or even 7th child it becomes pretty tough to justify spending more and more on them especially in one go after pay day.

This got me thinking and asking our audience on instagram about if they would prefer to buy more items at once (also saving on postage) and pay over 2 paydays so they don't feel they have broken the bank but can still get all our handmade items both they and their little one will love.

Introducing LayBuy Payments

Now you can checkout using the LayBuy gateway and pay with 6 equal interest free payments, we don't even raise the price of items for you and take the hit for the extra fees they charge us.

buy baby dribble bibs over installments

You will be able to see when these would come out and LayBuy pay us in full for the item so you don't have to wait longer than anyone else who uses any other payment method. 

How to checkout with LayBuy

All you have to do is checkout as normal ignoring the buttons like PayPal checkout or apple pay.
Then complete all your address and shipping options and then you get to the payment method and you simply select LayBuy from the options. The picture below is what I will look like on Mobile.
Then it will ask you once you complete checkout to sign in or register a LayBuy account and complete those steps once and you can use the sign in again and again.

If you have anymore questions just let us know.


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£15 Minimum Spend :)

Matt luglio 30, 2020

Is there a minimum spend?

colene luglio 30, 2020

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