This is a text free video from the lullaby trust on all the ways new parents can reduce SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This is also to help families with low literacy or where english isn't a first language.

Here are the key takeaways of the video on baby sleep for the first year:

  • don't sleep on baby side
  • don't put to sleep on the tummy
  • do keep there legs near the bottom of the crib
  • don't smoke with a child
  • don't co-sleep if you are a smoker
  • don't co sleep if you have been drinking
  • don't co sleep if under 2.5kg
  • don't co sleep when you are on medication
  • Don't sleep on the sofa or chair with baby
  • Do put the child at the bottom of the crib
  • put the babies crib in the same room as you to begin 
  • keep baby in the same room when sleeping
  • don't let them fall asleep in a travel bed
  • make sure the crib is long enough and dry
  • don't put toys or pillows in the crib
  • keep the room between 16-20c

This gives you a nice overview as to the main do's and don'ts to help reduce SIDS. of course SIDS doesn't have a specific cause but there are links such as if parents smoke.