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Our Story

La Romi Our Story Emma

La Romi started out as just Romi and Matt wanting to find a way to spend more time together as we looked to start a family. Matt working in film and TV, Romi working as a surgical nurse meant time apart was often and with minimum 12 hour shifts for both.

Now getting into business is definitely not for those wanting more free time and so even while Romi was pregnant we were shipping orders and handwriting notes to every order (like we still do today) we worked right up till Emma was born (pictured above)

Starting as parents we got first hand experience of the sudden drop of communication and leadership new parents look for. Of course everyone's journey is different but it helps to have some reference of where you might be heading.

So starting with what we knew we were able to react very quickly as we realised what we needed for Emma and look to reflect that in our offering to you.

Learning and growing rapidly has had it's challenges but we don't work 90 hours a week just to build a shop but a real vehicle for the change we want to see in all stores.

- We offer a recycling scheme for used baby items so they can be turned into playground equipment and floor padding.

- We donate a portion of each sale to fighting neglected tropical diseases, currently affecting around 500 million families around the world.

- Running all our machines on renewable electricity.

- Reducing plastic packaging as much as possible and trying to reuse locally with other businesses.

- Providing educational content with orders to help you get the most out of products, like weaning recipes when you buy our weaning bowl.

- Promoting manufacturing items in house where possible, handmade to order like all our headwear range.

This is only the start of a life long mission to build an iconic brand built on the little heart above our i in La Romi. Truly caring about not only our suppliers and brands but right through to the customer.