A SENIOR Swindon doctor has warned of the danger of amber teething necklaces.

Dr Lucy Grain, a consultant paediatrician at Great Western Hospital, said she had seen up to 50 of the amber necklaces and bracelets worn by youngsters in her clinic.

It is claimed oils supposedly released by the amber necklaces, which have enjoyed growing popularity among parents in recent years, have a soothing affect on teething babies.

But Dr Grain dismissed the pseudo-science:

“Sadly, children have died as a result of choking or strangulation from teething necklaces and this makes the dangers all the more present and concerning.”

You can read the full story following this link: https://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/17348154.swindon-doctor-blasts-amber-teething-necklaces-after-strangulation-reports


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