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Artículo: Wear La Romi With Pride

Wear La Romi With Pride | La Romi | Baby Fashion
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Wear La Romi With Pride

Planting seeds... Last year we gifted some rainbow dribble bibs to help people celebrating pride with kids. 1 year later and some are still wearing them like @xavgiam on instagram. 

Fashion has not really begun to really offer not only identity but real values to not only "minorities" but to everyone. As we all come together many of us are having to take a look at who we really want to become and not just accept what we have done in the past. 

As someone that has grown up in a world that seemingly is becoming more and more polarised, it's surprising that when you firstly become a parent like we did just over a month ago and start a small family business you see people are more similar than not. 

This is of course obvious, but just as a document to me when im older it is amazing. Having met a decent section of situations for making turbans for cancer patients young and old along with gay pride dribble bibs to a special down syndrome collection for many of our followers and beyond.

So if you wear your La Romi with pride and do get in touch if there is anything we can support on your journey to a better world :) 

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