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Artículo: How at LaRomi we try to save the planet

How at LaRomi we try to save the planet | La Romi | Baby Fashion
Greener fabric

How at LaRomi we try to save the planet

At #LaRomi we understand our responsibility to do our bit for this beautiful 🌍. Fabric and textiles in general is a huge contributor to CO2 emmisions if done in a way to keep down prices along with poor wages. But that doesn'ean you have to give up on wearing clothes and shoes, instead having a place to not only protect your child or health professionals and patients but also knowing that you are supporting us doing our bit for the planet.

Green Energy

That's why at LaRomi our energy to sew and embroid is 💯% renewable and comes from wind, solar and biogas made from plants. So even writing this blog post is costing the earth nothing.

Greener Packaging 

We are moving our packaging to being 99% plastic free. From our business cards made completely out of recycled cotton t-shirts to tissue paper and string. 

Less Chemicals 

We are growing our range of organic cotton which saves 99% of pesticides used on conventional cotton fabrics. From our research most of them just end up in the water and soil. So doing more background research is our commitment to a more responsible business.

We also wash our fabrics after we receive them to ensure they are clean and fresh for when we send them. The detergent and conditioner we use are all organic and environmentally friendly also :)

Love the Earth, Love LaRomi 

We love earth and our products and from reducing plastic consumption to 100% renewable energy we are paving our own way for a better tomorrow. 

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