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FRIGG Dummies Silicone Recall

Refund / Exchange Process
Since the announcement by FRIGG we have been trying to nail down the details as lots of customers have reached out for clarification.

Here is the form to send the exchange or refund

Exchange Offer

FRIGG will offer customers that complete this form an exchange of 2x FRIGG Latex Pacifiers for every 1x FRIGG Silicone Pacifier that they have purchased over the past 12 weeks*. They must provide the following:

- Proof of purchase (invoice or sales order)
- A current photo of the product(s).

For customers that where confused by the initial message broadcast from them and disposed of dummies while expecting a refund

You are also instead able to get a refund for your purchase as well.

Like mentioned there where a number of areas and exceptions not made clear in the initial message so we are clarifying below:

Some 12 week period exceptions:

- If you bought more than 2 dummies within that time frame as each dummy has a 6 week shelf life.

- If bought as gifts and not used

- Bought as gifts or for unborn baby and only recently started using.

We are still here for you

Just like back in October when we flagged issues around the dummies and stopped selling them, we are still here to help as much as we can to get everyone the best outcome.

Please respond to this email if you have any other concerns,

LaRomi Team.


(Email sent out to all our customers on October 15th 2021)

We are writing to all our customers about why we won't be stocking FRIGG Dummies over the next few months.

Over the past few weeks we have had 2 instances of dummies breaking while in transit to customers. We got in contact with the supplier and were told they this has had only happened once since they started selling in the UK. This was followed by a second occurrence of this with a different colour and style of FRIGG dummy.

Then 2 days ago one of our customers showed us a picture of a dummy broken after the child had used it. This is unacceptable on so many levels to carry a product that has had incidents so close together with no real explanation.

Moving Forward

FRIGG have said as of last month now every single dummy gets its own serial number and vacuum stretch testing. This was revealed to only being done on certain batches previously as is normal industry practice for products.

For at least a couple of months we won't be taking any chances to have substitutes in and though we sell thousands of dummies it's in our customers best interests to know the products they buy from us are not just 99% safe but 100%.

Already bought FRIGG from us?

Tens of thousands of dummies have been sold by FRIGG but we are encouraging any customers that bought since september 1st to really tug and pull on the teet to see its structural quality.

Any that break please send us a picture and we will get a refund to you from FRIGG as they work with us to rebuild trust in the brand.

When we feel the time is right we will look to working with them again but you are our number one priority.

All the best,

Matt + Romi and the La Romi Team