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La felicidad se encuentra a la altura de un beso cosechado y compartido. A veces ocurre que un acto de bondad se multiplica, contagiando de entusiasmo a todo el mundo.


En Siembra un beso, Amy Krouse y Peter Reynolds relatan con pocas palabras y colores tenues la sencilla historia de una niña que tiene la idea de plantar un beso bajo tierra. Esto hace que de la tierra salga un vapor mágico, el cual quiere compartir con sus amigos cuando lo recolecta. Sin embargo, sus amigos rechazan su oferta y la dejan sola. Ella no se da por vencida y se dedica a esparcir los polvos mágicos flotantes por doquier.


El lector joven aprende con esto sobre la importancia de difundir las buenas acciones. No importa que los demás desdeñen nuestras obras, tarde o temprano éstas tendrán un impacto trascendente en el mundo.



Happiness is at the height of a harvested and shared kiss. Sometimes it happens that an act of kindness multiplies, infecting everyone with enthusiasm.


In Plant a Kiss, Amy Krouse and Peter Reynolds tell in few words and subdued colors the simple story of a girl who has the idea of ​​planting a kiss underground. This causes a magical vapor to come out of the earth, which he wants to share with his friends when he collects it. However, her friends reject her offer and leave her alone. She doesn't give up and spreads the floating magic powders everywhere.


The young reader learns from this the importance of spreading good deeds. It does not matter that others disdain our works, sooner or later they will have a transcendent impact on the world.

Here are the causes that we are supporting and 1% of every sale (not just profit) goes towards the ones below. 

Nearly one in six people globally, including more than half a billion children, suffer from Neglected Tropical Diseases. It costs as little as $0.55 to provide medication to treat the most common diseases up to a year for 1 person.


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