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Artikel: How To Get Started Co-Sleeping With Your Baby

How To Get Started Co-Sleeping With Your Baby | La Romi | Baby Fashion
Baby Sleep

How To Get Started Co-Sleeping With Your Baby

 Co-sleeping Safely

Here is a great video from the Lullaby Trust on how to co-sleep safely. 

Advice to share with families who wish to share a bed with their baby featuring do’s and don’ts to ensure their baby sleeps more safely.

Here are the points summarised:

  • Make sure your baby is free from adult bedding
  • Make sure they are still sleeping on their back
  • Feed on the side so your baby is still safe if you fall asleep
  • Never co-sleep on sofas or chairs, this increases SIDS by 50x
  • Never co-sleep after drinking alcohol
  • Never co-sleep if you are on medication
  • Never co-sleep if anyone smokes
  • don't co-sleep with a premature baby or one that weighed under 5 1/2 lbs
  • If you won't be co-sleeping then put them in a moses basket or cot in the same room as you.

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