Teething rash comes from your baby's dribble which when they are teething can come like a waterfall for some babies. You can easily mope this up with a cloth or of course a dribble bib with an epic pattern on the front.

Keeping the area around the mouth and chin helps prevent the teething rash but be sure to not over wipe their cheeky face because this will likely make the area even worse. Another win for dribble bibs.

We also have the option to add a teething corner to all of our dribble bibs and recommend that if your baby is chewing everything under the sun. Just like the one in this blog post picture.

You could also rub some petroleum jelly on the area before you go outside to protect it from the elements, and before bed.

Fun Fact: Babies are dribbling because along with teeth coming through the dribble can mix with breast milk and give it anti-bacterial properties. Helping fight off infection which is useful when everything goes into their mouths first!