Glow in the Dark BIBS Dummies Single | Size 1 and 2 | 4 Colours has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 4 reviews. 5 1

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Glow in the Dark BIBS Dummies Single | Size 1 and 2 | 4 Colours

Glow in the Dark BIBS Dummies Single | Size 1 and 2 | 4 Colours

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BIBS Glow Black Size 1
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Bibs Dummies Night (Glow In The Dark) 

Time with your new little one is a gift, and we want you to experience and treasure every moment. We truly believe introducing bibs pacifier is a key to inviting calm into your home, as your baby learns to self-soothe and allows you to enjoy every moment of watching them grow.

Gazing into baby's eyes, taking in little toes, breathing that heavenly new baby smell and eagerly awaiting the sight of their first tooth, the pacifier bestows parent and baby with the gift of calm. Bibs pacifier brings you the highest quality product, doctor and orthodontist approved, fully natural with the most similar feel and shape to real life mamas' breast -- more than any other pacifier in the market.

Made in Denmark, the bib pacifier has been a favorite for parents, doctors and of course babies for over forty years! A classic baby product, a parent might even recall using bibs when they were small. And now bibs is making a reemergence as many new parents are craving time to slow down, breathe, and return to the simple uncluttered gift of childhood. The bibs pacifier is stylish, coming in chic vintage inspired colors that complement natural wooden beads and woven fibers, that bring to mind a peaceful simplicity for a time of the past. You can choose from thirty-six magnificent colors and trust us you'll want them all, whether it's a particular shield to match a color scheme or a earth tones that compliment skin tones and neutral clothing, you'll fall in love with all.

These come wrapped in tissue paper to save on unnecessary plastic packaging for an item you should sterilise before use anyway.