Why Engagement Will Die On Instagram...

..for most users.

Hey, Matt here, at La Romi we love Instagram, not many people hate it but just like we all laughed at MySpace and are now sick of Facebook, Instagram will have its time.


Growing as the fastest opted social network until TikTok came along, you will see more and more brands and people wanting to connect with their customers.

It's very tempting when you start a new business to already look and feel like an established brand people can trust. After all you are handing over your data and paying for items you need to know will turn up.

At La Romi we have done this in lots of our reach and partnerships and giverways to get our products off the screen and into the hands of others. This in turn has helped us build a steady following of customers and does take a lot of work. 

The bottle neck is you can always do more and from the outside you can see that those with more followers have more likes and so look more desirable in many respects.

The growth of hacking growth however will be Instagram's downfall. Much like you hate the way every Facebook post feels like a manipulation to engage with Facebook it's self, from memories to news stories and ads.

Follow Groups, Loop Groups.

One way to decrease your engagement with the very people that follow you is to promote loop groups and follow trains. Just like chain mail back when email was coming out you basically release a virus of following (and then usually unfollowing) of others in a chain.

This means people can amass large looking followings with poor engagement. After all you are showing that you only really care about your followers as a commodity.

Rather than a meaningful sharing of someone else's profile you tell your followers to follower whoever made the loop group and the last person who you got the loop link from. Then everyone is meant to follow everyone back to that first person.

A better way.

The work. For those that like the answer you just keep crushing and working at it. Engaging is a two way street and just like if someone only talks about themselves or their friends at a party you quickly switch off so too will you for loop groups.

A better way for you to save face and boost your engagement is getting a group for likes together where like-minded people can share relevant photos the other group will like. 

This is behind the doors of the follower count.

Yes we still get excited by our followers and the more the merrier! But we intend to earn your respect by providing value and entertainment along with products we hope you will love like our other customers do too!


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