Which Baby Weaning? Traditional Weaning vs Baby Led Weaning

Romina Jerez

Which Baby Weaning? Traditional Weaning vs Baby Led Weaning

Traditional Weaning or Baby Led?

Once your baby shows signs they are ready to start weaning then you have two main routes for weaning. Traditional or Baby Led. There are pros and cons but the main takeaway should be to get stuck in whichever way seems best or even mix them up if you like.

Let's break it down really simply.

Traditional Weaning

This is where you start with puree and build up in textures till you get to solid foods. You would feed them with a spoon and not leave it to them.

Baby Led Weaning

This is where your baby is offered solid foods for them to feed themselves, with no help from an adult.

Best Of Both Worlds

Of course you can mix and match both of these methods. Puree in pouches on the road and then family meals eaten together at home.

Remember These Are Essential For Both Methods…..

  • No honey until one.
  • Limit salty foods and don’t add salt to your cooking.
  • No foods with choking potential 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Mess and gagging. This is probably the biggest part as to which method you choose. Baby led weaning with finger foods is more messy so with carpeted floors there are more considerations like plastic sheets. However the more they can feed themselves and built up motor skills the better, while fostering more independence. 

At the end of the day you don't need to be hardcore in either camp, just keep mix and matching while following health and safety guidance.

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