UK Made Teething Bibs

Welcome to La Romi where one of our most popular products is the teething bibs. We have over 300 different patterns for the front and a nifty teething corner can be added to any bib to make it a perfect teething bib.

Teething Bib Vs Dribble Bib

Dribble Bibs are super useful for catching drool during the teething phase of development and with all our style you can show off some personality and flare at the same time. 

But without choosing out teether corner option you won't get the added benefit of something close by that can relieve your little one of the pain of teething. Adding a teether too a dribble bib means we can still get all the benefit of teething and have a place to catch the dribble at the same time.

Teething bib uk

As you can see from the image above it's very natural for them to play with a also makes it great on the move as well since it's right on the end of the bib at all times :)

We are always keen for feedback and more product ideas so please feel free to reach out to us on Instagram @ahop.laromi

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