The Accessory To Save Your Baby Carrier From Drool Stains

There are several reasons that our dribble bib and pads for your baby carrier are worth the investment. Saliva stains are tough no matter how machine washable your carrier is.

The Resale Value Of Your Carrier

Whatever your flavour of baby carrier they come with a reasonable price tag. You can protect this investment if you bought it new or used. Ergobaby for example go for around 50% of the value used from new. 

Even if you bought a good used one you can keep this in top condition and then maybe even resell it for more than when you got it!

Teething Fun

As your little one starts teething they are likely going to start chewing and putting anything in their mouth to soothe those toughening gums. The dribble bib and suck pads allow your little one to chew away and stay entertained while strapped in for a ride around the park or town with you.

Plenty of choice

You also don't just want to have the same baby carrier everyone else has unless you need to get in a special sponsored baby race or something. We have over 350 different fabrics to choose from.

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