Personalized Baby Bibs

Personalized Baby Bibs | Dribble Bibs

Dribble BibsMatt Price
Here at La Romi we stand for truly handmade right down to personalised baby bibs with names. These can be with names or writing in either a vinyl (like the featured image) or embroidered with thread.
UK Made Teething Bibs

UK Made Teething Bibs

Dribble BibsMatt Price
one of our most popular products is the teething bibs. We have over 300 different patterns for the front and a nifty teething corner can be added to any bib to make it a perfect teething bib.
NEW: Tag Travel Blankets

NEW: Tag Travel Blankets

New ProductsMatt Price

We wanted something more multifunctional than just a toy or blanket for when you are on the go or just at home.

Our most popular products are the Dribble bibs for the functions of not only soft minky dimple fabric backing to absorb dribble during the teething stage but also the soft 100% cotton front in a funky pattern so no one has to know.

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