Personalized Baby Bibs

Here at La Romi we stand for truly handmade right down to personalised baby bibs with names. These can be with names or writing in either a vinyl (like the featured image) or embroidered with thread.

Personalized Baby Bibs

Vinyl Personalized Baby Bibs

These come in a few different colours to contrast with the 300+ dribble bib patterns we have available. We offer Vinyl because some customers prefer the solid look as opposed to the thread texture that comes with embroidery.

Embroidery Personalized Baby Bibs

Embroidery is lots of thread that can make various shapes and letters. We also embroider logos for scrub caps for instance. The embroidery can come in many more shades of colour because of the amount of different colours of thread.

Our customers gave us feedback saying they chose this over vinyl because it is more hard-wearing and would last them much longer.

How Much Do Personalized Baby Bibs Cost?

Price wise they both cost the same add on of £4. Though thread is cheaper than Vinyl you have to have a very expensive machine and the opposite for Vinyl with the actual vinyl sheets in pretty colours and patterns as much more expensive but the machine is cheap and processing for both takes the same time.

This is in addition to the price of our dribble bibs and if you want teether corners added to them.

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