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What Is A Tag Blanket?

The Tag Blankets we make are more than just a fun toy that doesn't squeak, rattle or make a mess. We gave our tag blankets a more tactile feel with 3 different types of tags along each side of the square.

These tags are meant to be interactive to play with but we added 2 teethers opposite corners so you are never far away from teething fun.

What Are Tag Blankets Features:

- 100% cotton pattern on the front that is super soft.
- Blankets are 30x30cm / 11.8x11.8 Inches so perfect for travel.
- Minky dimple fabric we will colour co-ordinate on the back.
- 3 types of tags = Soft, Ribbed, Cat Tongue feel.
- 2x Teethers in each corner to never be far away from teething relief.

Who The Tag Travel Blanket Is For:

We wanted something more multifunctional than just a toy or blanket for when you are on the go or just at home.

Our most popular products are the Dribble bibs for the functions of not only soft minky dimple fabric backing to absorb dribble during the teething stage but also the soft 100% cotton front in a funky pattern so no one has to know.

Another key innovation we took from our dribble bibs was the teether corners. Kids put everything in their mouths first and now you can have a blanket with not just 1 but 2 teething corners so they are never far away from teething relief. 

Importantly our teething corners are Silicon and 100% BPA Free so it doesn't matter how long they chew for.

what is a tag blanket

Now comes to the reason it has its name of Tag Travel Blanket, the 3 tags around each edge. These are made of 3 different textured fabrics for a more tactile experience for them along with the dimples on the minky fabric.

Soft, Ribbed, Cat Tongue feel gives their little hands something to grab on to and we deliberately made them short enough to still fit around a clip or peg so you can hang like a tea towel but not so long it poses unnecessary risk of choking or strangulation.

Now for the Travel bit... Being 30x30cm / 11.8x11.8 inches its small enough to make storing easy when on the move. Thankfully compared to your little one this will feel big enough for them to throw around but not so big it overwhelms them.

That gives you a nice overview of where the Tag Travel Blanket and we have already had a few sent out since we launched them a few days ago so soon will have a load of pictures you can see in action.

Tag blanket

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