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We Believe It's Only Truly Handmade When:

It's made with the highest quality materials.

Hand made for living 💰 not minimum or slave labour abroad, like us in 🇬🇧.

When you can talk to the person making your item and get customisation on the fly.

When 6% goes to charity from every order that's already given over 700 people a year of medication for preventable tropical diseases 🏥

Packaging is low weight saving fuel and made from either biodegradable plastic or recycled cardboard because we love David Attenborough.

Has A Soul! We setup La Romi to help bridge maternity leave pay drop and having our first child we were excited to soon join our customers.

❓Any Questions or anything about our products or what we can do for you email us by clicking > Support@la-romi.com

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We can better serve you if you know what kind of thing you are after :) type in themes or characters and see what we can find. Alternatively Instagram DM us @shop.laromi

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